Saint Joseph

Pious Union of the Death of St. Joseph.

O St. Joseph, foster-father of Jesus Christ and true Spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us and for those in their agony this day (or this night)

To pray for the dying - recommended and Blessed by all our Holy Fathers since 1913.

The Pious Union of the Death of St. Joseph, to pray for the Dying, was founded by Blessed Louis Guanella in 1913 with the approval and the strong support of Pope Pius X, for this two-fold purpose:

1) Of promoting and spreading the cult of St. Joseph, Patron of a happy death;

2) Of binding together as many Priests and faithful as possible in a universal Crusade of Prayer and good works for the benefit of the dying to help them have a Holy and happy death.

The Primary Centre of this Pious Union is in Rome at the Church of St. Joseph, erected as a perpetual memorial to the double Jubilee, priestly and Episcopal of St. Pius X, and is administered by the Priests, Servants of Charity, founded by Blessed Louis Guanella. The Pious Union has millions of members all over the world.

The Prayer for the Dying, to be recited devoutly more than once a day, is as follows:

[Please note: The Holy Crusade is an Italian language magazine. I am sorry but I do not speak or read Italian. All I can say about it is that it is a nice looking glossy magazine with colourful pictures and plenty of interesting looking articles in it.]

24th January 1998.

I have now found another Web site for the Pious Union {click to go there direct}
This gives details of the Pious Union in the United States which has its own bimonthly "NOW AND AT THE HOUR" publication..

The address is:


Patron of the Suffering and Dying, Inc.

971 East Michigan Avenue,

Grass Lake, Michigan 49240-9210

517-522-8017 voice

517-522-8387 fax